In reality, no human being who is indifferent to food is worthy of trust

Manuel Vàsquez Montalban

Salvatore - Torre del Cardo
Cosimo - Torre del Cardo
Nadia - Torre del Cardo

A family story

Drawing inspiration from nature and Cosimo’s garden, who selects seasonal vegetables every day, Nadia’s hands will prepare delicious traditional dishes of Salento.

Salvatore, will accompany you in discovering the Apulian wine heritage.

Restaurant km 0 - taste of tradition

Icona Torre del Cardo

In our kitchen we use extra vergin olive oil of our own production. Furthermore, we carefully choose the quality of our products, strictly km0. We select from local market all the goods that we don’t produce at home.

Restaurant with km0 products
Torre del Cardo winery

Inside our sixteenth-century tower, we keep over 70 local wine labels, that you can choose to enjoy at dinner or through a guided tasting tour.

Traditional Saneto culture and recipes

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Icona Torre del Cardo